Wedding Styling



  1. Consultation; During the winter months, we will invite you to our warehouse for a face to face (or zoom meeting) where we discuss in depth your florals, style, colours, textures & layout for your upcoming event. From this meeting you will receive a layout plan, style brief and updated booking with meeting notes which your florists & stylists will use as their guide for your event set up.  For all venue based florals / styles we do suggest an on-site meeting is best to view the scope of the space.
  2. Closer to the date; We source fresh florals & all consumables for your date. All florals are made the day of or, day prior to the wedding.
  3. On the day or the evening prior; We install ceiling installations & floral features, bouquets are dropped to the bridal party. Furniture is placed in position including décor, feature areas, soft furnishings and any tables settings are all taken care of by the team.