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  1. The Victorian State Government implements quarantine/lockdown measures for all Victorian citizens
  2. We have bans on gatherings significantly less than the size of your planned event within four weeks of your wedding

we understand that this is outside your control.

If this occurs, you have two options.

  1. Postpone or a credit: If 4 weeks prior to your wedding, COVID is causing uncertainty and you wish to postpone, we will hold a credit or postpone your event to a new date pending availability. We are also open to rearranging how we do your wedding if you decide to change venue or the plan at a later date.
  2. Amend how you do your wedding: There may be a situation where we need to amend seating/layout plan or make your wedding space a little larger or even switch your wedding to a cocktail seating style. We are aware that wedding bookings may change, and we are ready to cater for this. Please bear in mind that marquees are an outdoor structure (with sides removed) classifying your event as outdoors. We are still obliged to meet Government guidelines on outdoor events and spacing requirements.

Alternative services we provide if you do change the plan up include tableware hire, furniture hire, marquee or venue fit out.

Should a lockdown be called within 2 weeks of your event, either the week before or, the week of all clients will be contacted by Elderberry to discuss their individual circumstances directly and discuss whether they would like to proceed with their event or, will postpone.

As there is a cost associated with product purchasing, clients with styling/florals will be asked to make a decision by 5.00pm, Monday the week of their event if they wish to proceed.

Clients with furniture and marquee only, a decision to proceed or postpone needs to be made by 5.00pm, Tuesday the week of their event.

Clients are still welcome to proceed with their events in the uncertainty of the week; however, should a lockdown occur later during the event week and their event is unable to proceed labour, fuel and wholesale floral costs incurred in the preparation of the event will be passed onto the client and invoiced at cost rates.

Please note that should a lockdown occur and Elderberry have already set up your event the team will be in contact with you to arrange for the set up to be safely and securely taken away. No equipment, marquee or, items from Elderberry Events will be left onsite during lockdown.

We do understand that event plans may need to change with COVID and therefore, try to be as flexible as possible.

The cancellation of products or, services from a booking of more than 20% outside of 4 weeks before your event date is not permitted. Should the booking be reduced further than this, cancellation fees will apply. You are welcome to change and swap products based on availability within your booking, staying within the 20% guidelines to create and adjust your event as required.

All Marquees once confirmed will incur a full cancellation fee should they be removed from the booking.

If the client wishes to proceed with their event and it does not meet current Victorian Government restrictions and guidelines or, will place Elderberry Event Hire Pty Ltd or, its staff at risk then Elderberry has the rights to withdraw their involvement in the event. In the event that this occurs, the client will be liable for full cancellation fees.

The Elderberry Events team is here to try and help you as much as possible. If at any time you are uncertain or, unsure please reach out to the team for advise or assistance to come up with a new plan.

This policy has been drafted in conjunction with “the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission” guidelines.

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