Barn Style Marquee

Our new barn style marquee is the first of its kind in Australia. This stunning marquee is 6m high at its tallest point and measures 12m wide. This beautiful marquee comes in sailcloth or a clear top option and is at its best without sides weather pending of course.

(these structures are available from August 2021)

12m x 13.5m    $6,900 incl. GST  (60-100 persons)

12m x 18m      $7,900 incl. GST  (90-150 persons)

12m x 22.5m    $8,900 incl. GST  (140-200 persons)

12m x 27m      $9,900 incl. GST (190- 300 persons)

Wood floor option available;

12m x 13.5m     $1,500 incl. GST

12m x 18m       $1,700 incl. GST

12m x 22.5m     $2,000 incl. GST

12m x 27m       $2,300  incl. GST

Internal lighting, optional side walls, set up, delivery within 100km of Bannockburn, VIC is included in the indicated price.  Any set up location over 100km from our warehouse will incur further travel cost.

Night & Sunday pack downs incur an additional labour cost.

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