Festoon lights & event hire Geelong & Ballarat

August 11, 2019

If you are hosting an event, one of the first things to consider is Lighting. Well lets be honest without it, it most definitely will be one to remember and possibly for the wrong reasons.
When using festoon light strands there is a few things to keep in mind before you decide on how you plan on lighting up your area.

Image captured by Jake Hogan Photography, Chloe & Luke’s Wedding Styled, fitted out & co-ordinated by Elderberry Event Hire

What type of Light Bulb is used. Incandescent Light bulbs draw a lot of power compared to the new LED light bulbs and tend to get very hot, potentially melting any fabrics or plastic materials if come in contact with. Also what colour temperature the bulb gives out. Warm White is a good target to aim for .

Where is the area located, is it outside or inside. If it is outdoors you may need extra lengths than you would indoors as the lights tend to reflect off any roof or wall structure and will give off an illuminating effect. Being an outdoor event the darkness of the night will draw away most of the light given from the bulbs.

Where as using festoon lights indoors you should be careful not to over light the area of the event. The more textures you have the more light it will draw compared to a white painted roof and walls will reflect the light.

When suspending the light strands at your event, having enough wood light poles or overhead structures to tie off on is crucial. As you stretch the strands they take quite a lot of weight at each point it is held at, a maximum of 7m between hold points is recommended as if you put too much strain on the cable it will be at risk of breaking the internal wires. Also its advised not to put any kink in the cables for obvious reasons.

Festoon Lights over Dancefloor- Photo by Marlene Sayson Photography

So when it comes down to it, consider our LED Dimmable Festoon Lighting for your next event.
Our Dimmable Festoon Lights will take out any guess work needed at the turn of a switch.
Warm white LED bulbs are used for twp reasons, heat in these bulbs are very minimal therefore fire risks or damage to surrounding materials are also kept to a minimum if they come in contact.

Secondly, your event may be powered by a generator and each bulb is a very energy sufficient 2Watts each up to a mere 30 times less than an incandescent light bulb.

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