Marquee Hire in Geelong

August 11, 2019

Here at Elderberry Event Hire, we are becoming well known for our beautiful range of Sailcloth Marquees. Some people may call them Sperry Tent or Hamptons Marquee, names alone don’t justify the instant feeling they bring to your desired venue whether it’s a family farm, winery or even a large sized garden. From a round 14m x 14m through to an incredible 14m x 36m sailcloth marquee we can cater for nearly any Geelong event  with our Marquee Hire range.

Image Capture by Nic from Light & Type Photography

The ever growing range of our Wedding Hire and Event Hire furniture is fuelled by the exciting portfolio of clientele come friends we have made along the journey.

Marquee Flooring is sometimes a strong talking point when hosting an outdoor event. Some would think that solid flooring is a must, where others may cast all their votes on no floor at all. Just have the lawn trimmed the day before our setup install team arrive and they will confidently erect the stunning Sailcloth Marquee in your desired location and enjoy the lush green under foot. If the hot weather has been a little harsh on the lawn and has become very patchy, you can enquire about our floor matting, you may have seen this Tipi Hire Floor Matting in some of our photos.

Night Shot Marquee & Festoon Lighting- Photo By Marlene Sayson Photography

Our marquee flooring is a type of waterproof fibre matting that covers any unwanted grounds and instantly changes the event space bringing a beautiful texture underfoot. High heels are also welcomed to walk and dance on this flooring as it bridges over the soft grass. Our marquee flooring is also waterproof & can be installed over relatively uneven ground.

 Contact us for more information on our sailcloth marquee & marquee flooring range.